Parking Operations Facilities

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This 3-phase project included a new Parking Operations Facility, Shuttle Parking Garage and Car Wash at Spokane International Airport. 

The Parking Operations Building serves as a place marker for the exit from the airport parking garage. It also provides a distinguishable beacon for parking customers that require assistance. The 3,800 square foot facility includes offices, a service center for the public to buy parking passes and receive assistance, training rooms and break room.

The 5,600 square foot Shuttle Parking Garage houses SIA's shuttle bus fleet and parking operations. Space is provided on site for the snowplowing equipment that are used to keep parking lots cleared in the winter. The building is constructed of CMU and large arced glu-lam beams. Translucent panels provide natural daylight to the building occupants while reducing glare. 

The new single-bay automatic "touchless" car wash is available for free to all parking customers at SIA.  The system utilizes high-powe¬≠red jets of water and detergents to clean the car, and only the water and cleaning solutions actually come in physical contact with the car.  Water used in the car wash is then recycled. Improvements made to the parking exit canopy are primarily aesthetic enhancements, including new paint and wrapping the exterior with aluminum composite material (ACM) to match the car wash facility 

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