Tyler Gates

A talented design professional and recent graduate from the University of Southern California, Tyler Gates joined the ALSC team in 2020. A five-week class at UT Austin during high school inspired Tyler to pursue a career in architecture. She enjoyed the challenge of being given a set of constraints and having to find a creative way to design within them; it was like figuring out a puzzle through art.

Rome is one of Tyler’s favorite destinations, and she was thrilled to lived there while studying abroad during college. She found the architecture to be beyond stunning, the locals were overflowing with pride for their city, and the food was impeccable!

One of Tyler’s most admired buildings is the Louvre Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel. She admires the way it explores modern technology and innovation while remaining rooted in a rich historic design strategy. 

Tyler appreciates that even though ALSC works on a wide range of projects, each one is equally important. She has found that the level of care and detail remain the same, whether it’s a large stadium or a small swimming pool. When she’s not focused on architecture, she enjoys learning new hobbies including crocheting and embroidery.