Our Team

Meet our most valuable asset.

We’re more than co-workers, we’re a team. We get each other. We fully embrace everyone’s unique talents and ideas to create amazing architecture. This synergy creates a personal experience our clients appreciate and deserve.

Rustin Hall
Rustin Hall, Principal
Ken Murphy
Ken Murphy, Principal
Indy Dehal Cropped Updated
Indy Dehal, Principal
Troy Bishop 2021 v2
Troy Bishop, Principal
Kim Phelps
Kim Phelps, Principal
Shelia Boyce Cropped 2023
Sheila Boyce, Principal
Gale Stanley Cropped 2023a
Gale Stanley, Associate Principal
Greg Francis
Greg Francis, Director of Operations
Gail Mitchell For Web v2
Gail Mitchell, Office Manager/Associate
Andrew Leeper 2022 WEB
Andrew Leeper, Associate
23041 Connor Nicholas2272
Connor Nicholas, Associate
David Elms 2021 v2
David Elms, Associate
23019 Hannah Rouns0321 Web
Hannah Rouns, Associate
Jodi Kittel v3
Jodi Kittel, Associate
23012 Tina Johansen 35 CroppedWeb
Tina Johansen, Associate
cropped and saved for web v2
Aaron Blackmer, Marketing Manager
23040 Brittney Bland2179
Brittney Bland
Christian Snell ALSC
Christian Snell
Denise Tlatelpa Cropped and Web
Denise Tlatelpa
23029 Emily Ruiz1125
Emily Ruiz
Iren Taran
Iren Taran
Jacob Simonson 2021 v2
Jacob Simonson
Janice Feldman
Janice Feldman
Jeff Lane
Jeff Lane
22051 Jeffry Slichter0097  v2 Cropped Small
Jeff Slichter
Joe Kutter cropped for web
Joe Kutter
23016 Kimberly Lick0101 Cropped small
Kimberly Lick
23042 Kimberly Barnfather2376
Kym Barnfather
Matt Garr 2021
Matt Garr
Rick McQuesten 2021
Rick McQuesten
Ryan Palmquist ALSC v2
Ryan Palmquist
23010 Ryley Siclair 40 WEBSITE
Ryley Siclair
Sarah McClure
Sarah McClure
Sasha McCurdy
Sasha McCurdy
Scott Tschritter
Scott Tschritter
Taylor Lynch
Taylor Lynch
Todd Keller
Todd Keller
23027 Tyler Gates0816 Web
Tyler Gates