The ALSC Story

ALSC 2021 d

ALSC Architects celebrates 76 years of bringing our clients’ stories to life!

From the World’s Fair to designing first-class athletic facilities, we are the Inland Northwest’s architect.

It all started in 1948, with the vision to design innovative architecture and give back to our community. Our founder, Tom Adkison, believed in the power of architecture to transform neighborhoods and mold the spirit of an entire region.

“The best buildings are found to have been produced when there is something within the problem which has been inspiring to the architect. There will be something distinctive about its use, its site, and its place that will give it a distinctive stamp.”

Thomas R. Adkison, Founding Partner

This philosophy catapulted our firm into the international spotlight with Tom’s planning and design for EXPO ’74 World’s Fair in Spokane, Washington.

The Expo '74 Story

That was just the beginning. Our work is consistently recognized around the region and across the country for simple, inspired architecture.


Tom’s legacy is alive and well as we break new ground in architecture while volunteering hundreds of hours a year for more than 50 organizations. Philanthropy and design are how we make our region a better place to live, work, and play.

ALSC Principals:

  • Rustin Hall, AIA
  • Ken Murphy, AIA, LEED AP
  • Indy Dehal, AIA, ASHE
  • Troy Bishop
  • Kim Phelps, AIA
  • Sheila Boyce, ASHE

Associates Principals: 

  • Gale Stanley, AIA

Associates & Directors:

  • Aaron Blackmer - Marketing Director
  • Andrew Leeper, AIA, LEED AP - Associate
  • Connor Nicholas - Associate
  • David Elms, LEED AP - Associate
  • Gail Mitchell - Office Manager/Associate
  • Greg Francis, Associate AIA - Director of Operations
  • Hannah Rouns - Associate
  • Jodi Kittel, AIA - Associate
  • Tina Johansen, Associate AIA, NCIDQ

Firm Timeline:

  • McClure & Adkison (1948–1967)
  • Thomas R. Adkison (1967–1970)
  • Adkison Architects (1970–1973)
  • Adkison Leigh Sims Cuppage Architects (1973–1987)
  • ALSC Architects, P.S. (1987–Present)

 Former Principals:

  • Tom Adkison
  • Royal McClure
  • John Leigh
  • Ron Sims
  • Bob Cuppage
  • Gary Dinwoodie
  • Ritch Fenrich
  • Steve Hindley
  • John Manning
  • Scott Whitesitt
  • Dave Huotari
  • Jeff Warner
  • Steve Walther