Mead Stadium & Performing Arts Complex

ALSC Architects MeadStadium EntryPlaza ALSC Architects MeadStadium Aerial ALSC Architects MeadStadium Field

This new 4,500 seat outdoor stadium will serve as the location for Mt. Spokane and Mead High School home football games and soccer matches. The stadium will also serve as performance and practice facilities for the District’s award-winning marching band programs.

Several factors contribute to the overall orientation of the buildings, stadium and site parking. The guiding influence of the location and orientation of parking is to utilize the existing parking area to the maximum extent possible. The parking will accommodate efficient and clearly understood access to and from the site for large performing arts, community and athletic events.

Influences guiding the location and orientation of the stadium and performance field are solar orientation, access from parking, pedestrian circulation, and accommodating the 17’ vertical difference in topography between the existing buildings and the sports field level.

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