Creekside Elementary School

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Located on an 11.4 acre site, this new 66,000 square foot Elementary School accommodates up to 600 students. The building is designed to reflect the values of the District as well as the character of the neighborhood. The use of CMU and glass provide a timeless character and emphasize the school’s importance as a civic and public building for the community.

The administration area is located adjacent to the main entry and is configured to provide optimum site visibility and security at the entry.

The internal circulation pattern for the building is organized in a “w” shape. The public corridor is oriented along the north-south axis which serves as the spine of the building on both floors.  Common use spaces are arranged directly off of the spine with Administration, Music, Multi-purpose and Gymnasium on the first floor and Library on the second.

Classroom wings run predominantly east-west and are arranged by grade, with breakout spaces at each level of the wings. Security doors provide separation for the classroom wings during after-hours activities and events.

The site was designed with student safety in mind, providing separation between the bus and parent drop-off areas.

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