STCU & Rocket Bakery

ALSC Architects STCURocket Mural
ALSC Architects STCURocket Exterior
ALSC Architects STCURocket Cafe
ALSC Architects STCURocket Seating
ALSC Architects STCURocket Level1
ALSC Architects STCURocket StairDetail
ALSC Architects STCURocket Level2
ALSC Architects STCURocket Skywalk

Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) and Rocket Bakery share this two-story, 3,300 square foot space adjacent to Urban Outfitters in downtown Spokane. The design reflects a unique partnership and required thoughtful planning since STCU and Rocket Bakery operate on different schedules.

The street level primarily houses Rocket Bakery, with a small STCU station located near the entry. A large painted mural fills an interior wall and continues up the stairs to the skywalk level. Created by Spokane’s Cain and Todd Benson the face-filled mural depicts familiar downtown landmarks

STCU occupies the majority of space on the skywalk level, along with a smaller counter for Rocket Bakery. An orange security mesh, reflecting the space’s industrial décor, is used to section off STCU when it is closed.

The main level features exposed metal and Edison light bulbs, while the upstairs features dimmer lighting and a serpentine couch for customers to lounge on. 


"I want to take a minute to share with you how impressed STCU is with our new space. I am equally impressed with the design. Thank you and your team for an outstanding branch. Just to let you know some of what has come back to me; 'this is a homerun' and 'you guys put this one out of the park'. One that really stands out is from our Board President, 'I guess I can retire now because we won’t be able to do better than this!'"

Richard Breitenberg - Director of Facilities & Support Services, STCU

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