Sunriver Resort Family Aquatics Center - Bend, Oregon

SunriverAquatics Ext1 ALSC SunriverAquatics Ext2 ALSC SunriverAquatics Ext3 ALSC SunriverAquatics Ext4 ALSC SunriverAquatics EntryDesk ALSC SunriverAquatics Lounge ALSC SunriverAquatics Pool3 ALSC SunriverAquatics Pool1 ALSC SunriverAquatics Pool2 ALSC

After several years of operating Sunriver Resort’s existing outdoor pool facility with high user rates during the summer months, a year-round facility was recognized to be a key addition to providing guests the desired aquatic accommodations and experience year-round. This expansion adds 10,700 square feet of indoor space housing a recreational pool, spa, and water tower slide with plunge pool.

Great care was taken to provide an aquatics facility that compliments the Sunriver Resort’s iconic aesthetic while meeting the demanding needs of natatorium construction. The planning and design were informed by the need to maintain the existing facility operations during the summer of 2020 and the connection to vistas and open spaces. This meant making sure that all portions of the outdoor pool, kitchen, and service spaces remained in operation throughout construction. Construction is on schedule for completion in the allotted time frame of 13 months (groundbreaking to ribbon cutting). The timeline for document development, (design development to construction documents) was completed in 5 months.

Design Architect: ALSC Architects

Architect of Record: DKA Architecture


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