Camas Early Learning Center and Salish Language School

CamasELC BisonHerd ALSC
CamasELC Courtyard ALSC
CamasELC Dining ALSC
CamasELC GreatRoom ALSC
CamasELC GreatRoom2 ALSC
CamasELC GymExt ALSC
CamasELC Materials ALSC
CamasELC OutdoorLearning ALSC
CamasELC Playground ALSC

Located on the Kalispel Indian Reservation above the Pend Oreille River, this unique school will be the new educational hub for the Kalispel Tribe and the region.

The only Accredited Early Learning Center in Pend Oreille County, children from the Canadian border to Spokane utilize the current facility. There is an extensive waiting list, making it challenging to provide care and education for everyone in need.

The new Early Learning Center will alleviate the influx of children while also improving the educational delivery method through interior planning and landscape design. The design will help children develop dexterity and stimulate brain development.

The Tribe’s Salish Language School is currently taught out of a single-family home. This is where over 200 Tribal Members have learned to keep their language alive for future generations. The new Salish School will immerse students from grades K-12 through the lens of the Kalispel Tribe. The teaching method is about sharing, history, and charting a bright future for the Tribe's youth. This mission will be delivered overlooking their inspiring heritage - the river and herd of bison.

The 70,000 SF facility will be united with the existing Camas Wellness Center; giving opportunity for the entire Tribe to participate at this campus with mind, body, and soul.

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