City of Spokane Aquatic Centers

ALSC Architects SpokanePools Shadle
ALSC Architects SpokanePools Cannon
ALSC Architects SpokanePools Comstock
ALSC Architects SpokanePools Hillyard
ALSC Architects SpokanePools Liberty
ALSC Architects SpokanePools Witter

ALSC Architects was selected by the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department to design six new replacement aquatic facilities for the City of Spokane at the following locations:

•     Shadle Park 

•     Comstock Park

•     A.M. Cannon Park

•     Hillyard Park

•     Liberty Park

•     Mission Park

Each project was located in a unique neighborhood park in locations throughout Spokane. ALSC's team took each project through a thorough public process, thereby ensuring that each pool design would be customized for the citizens of each neighborhood.  Three of the projects involved the remodeling of existing bathhouses, one of which (in the Comstock neighborhood) had architectural significance to the neighbors.

Our team conducted 24 public meetings, gained consensus among the residents, and ultimately bid the projects four weeks ahead of schedule.

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