Fine & Applied Arts Building, Spokane Falls Community College

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Fine Arts is a highly visible department on campus and in the local community. SFCC’s primary mission is to serve academic transfer students, and most of the Community Colleges of Spokane’s Fine Arts programs are offered at SFCC. The College offers an Associate of Fine Arts degree, a Certificate of Fine Arts, transfer coursework which meets the Humanities Distribution area, transfer coursework which meets the Health-Leisure Distribution area, and the non-restricted electives of the AA degree.

The Photography Program is one of two community college photography programs in the entire northwest region. The award-winning program offers instruction in photography and multimedia production, preparing students to either enter the workforce or transfer to a baccalaureate institution. It also offers a course which fulfills the Health-Leisure Distribution Area of the AA degree.

To better serve students and improve program delivery, a single building is planned to house both programs. This would provide adequate space for the current program, with the flexibility to accommodate changing program needs in the future. The facility will allow significant disciplinary overlap in visual teaching media and the technology to instruct in the modern MAC-infused art and photography world. By sharing specialized classroom, locker, storage and laboratory spaces; exhibit spaces; spray booth; staging and loading areas; and common technology, opportunities for learning will increase.

Community Colleges of Spokane is guided by the following statements. These principles were considered in the development of the Schematic Design.

To develop human potential through quality, relevant and affordable learning opportunities that result in improved social and economic well-being for our students and our state.

Community Colleges of Spokane transforms lives and uplifts humanity, inspiring students to lead communities, build the nation and enrich the world.

> Excellence
> Access
> Achievement
> Stewardship
> Respect

The current Strategic Plan Priorities relevant to the Fine & Applied Arts Replacement project include:

Student Success: Strengthening Engagement
Improve student success transitioning among educational levels and careers.

Sustainability: Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
Provide facilities and environments highly conducive to learning with minimal ecological impact.

Innovation: Supporting a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Ensure programs and services are relevant, diverse, high-quality and timely.


HGA served as Design Architect for the project.


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