WWCC Science & Technology Building

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The Science & Technology Building will provide science labs, classrooms and informal student study spaces to serve the college’s programs in physics, earth science, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and math. These programs, in turn, support academic and professional-technical programs across campus.

The 16,044 square foot, $9.6 million building will be designed to support best pedagogical practices in STEM education, providing space and technology to support active learning,interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork – greatly enhancing student engagement and success. The proximity of labs to classrooms and student study spaces will increase the opportunities for project based learning. The new building will enable the college to meet its goal of preparing students to transfer to state universities and training students for high wage, high demand occupations. It will have a huge impact in relation to its modest size and cost.

The new building will be sited at a highly visible location that promotes student understanding of the career pathways opened through these programs. It makes physical and programmatic connections between the Main Building to the south and the Technology Center and the Health Sciences and Performing Arts buildings to the north. Students will walk along the pathway next to the new building as they cross campus and see the opportunities for advancement. Informal student study spaces, which are in short supply throughout the campus, will be a magnet for students from all programs. The facility will contribute to student recruitment and retention, encouraging students to enroll and complete their education.

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