Meyer Health & Sciences Building, North Idaho College

East Elevation Vignette 1
East Elevation Vignette 3
East Elevation Vignette 2
Class Courtyard Door Open A v4
Class Courtyard Door Open 2
Labs Hallway
Collaboration Space
Courtyard Class Door 2
Lab Room
South East Exterior
Enternec Landscape 1
Stairs 1
2019 07 16 Schematic Meeting 3 Page 04

The Meyer Science Program is recognized regionally for developing well rounded students prepared to continue their education’s at top programs in Idaho, Washington and Montana.

This expansion enhances an already high-level facility by opening exposure into instruction spaces and showcasing what is taught in Biology, Botany, Medical Lab Technology and Nursing. An enlarged central instruction space, the ‘think tank’, allows for large State-wide science conferences to be held alongside Lake Coeur d’Alene.


Design Principles

> Science on display

> Learning happens everywhere

> Maximize the asset

> Campus connection

> Eye on the future of science


Meyer Health & Sciences Design Video


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