Sacajawea Middle School

02 Sacajawea Gym Entry
07 Sacajawea Library
08 Sacajawea Library Kid
12 Sacajawea Cafeteria
13 Sacajawea Bandroom Stair
15 Sacajawea Shop
16 Sacajawea Gym
17 Sacajawea ScienceWindow
18 Sacajawea Community Room
19 Sacajawea ScienceRoom
20 Sacajawea BreakoutRoom
22 Sacajawea Community Stair
03 Sacajawea Main Entry

The replacement of Sacajawea Middle School is being designed to accommodate 825 students in grades 6-8.

The internal circulation for the building focuses on the concept of a “town square” with all learning neighborhoods, electives, and administrative spaces organized around the learning commons and nutritional commons, which are adjacent and open to each other.

The learning neighborhoods continue this theme in their organization. All classrooms open onto an open common area that will be large enough to be used as breakout space for multiple classrooms or small group gatherings.

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