STCU Bonner Branch

STCU Bonner3 ALSC STCU Bonner10 ALSC STCU Bonner1 ALSC STCU Bonner2 ALSC STCU Bonner4 ALSC STCU Bonner5 ALSC STCU Bonner6 ALSC STCU Bonner7 ALSC STCU Bonner12 ALSC STCU Bonner8 ALSC STCU Bonner11 ALSC STCU Bonner9 ALSC

Design Principles

  • Slice of nature
  • Communal
  • Neighborhood partner
  • Humble and modest

At the last turn-off to Schweitzer Ski Area along Highway 95, a new presence announces your arrival - the new STCU. A tactile design, built with local materials, invites visitors into the credit union where they may stay to relax in the living room oriented to the Selkirk Mountains.


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