First Interstate Bank, Spokane Valley

ALSC Architects INBValley Exterior
ALSC Architects INBValley DriveUp
ALSC Architects INBValley Exterior2
ALSC Architects INBValley Lobby
ALSC Architects INBValley Tellers

A proverbial “diamond in the rough”, this new 5,700 square foot branch bank is located on the corner of Progress Road and Sprague Avenue; a prominent corner on a five-mile stretch of context devoid of architectural interest or relevance.

The client’s mission statement provided our design team with the foundation blocks needed to begin the design process: “Inland Northwest Bank’s mission is to be a great community bank, a preferred place to work and a caring corporate citizen providing outstanding customer service and an excellent return to its shareholders.”

Within the context of retail sprawl, the solution expresses the client's unique qualities and dedication to customer service – warm, comfortable and inviting, clear way finding and convenient auto access. The design also leverages the available assets of the site and its surrounding context: visibility from Sprague, views to and from the building, vehicular access and pedestrian connectivity.

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