Joe Albi Stadium Renovation, Spokane Public Schools

JoeAlbi SEBirdseye ALSC JoeAlbi SE Corner ALSC JoeAlbi EntryGreen ALSC JoeAlbi EntryOrange ALSC JoeAlbi EntryPurple ALSC JoeAlbi EntryRed ALSC JoeAlbi FieldView2 ALSC JoeAlbi Overlook ALSC JoeAlbi SWConcourse ALSC JoeAlbi SWConcourse2 ALSC JoeAlbi UnderStands ALSC JoeAlbi WestConcessions ALSC

Owned by Spokane Public Schools, Joe Albi Stadium is being renovated to provide a more intimate spectator experience for high school sports. The plan is to reduce the overall seating count from 25,000+ to 5,000 seats, right-sizing the facility for the School District’s use.

Site influences such as solar and wind were used to determine the optimal orientation of the field, press box and stands. Most of the parking, ticketing, entrance, concessions, and restrooms are located toward the west; allowing for the visitor side to be sectioned off for events with lower attendance.

Maintaining the recessed bowl is a unique characteristic for a high school football stadium. Removing the east and west earthen seating sections above the grade line will improve sight lines while creating an environment that has a more intimate feel. Removal of the berms will also present a dynamic view of the entire performance field and stadium as fans enter.

Community amenities including a playground, food truck zone, booster concessions and selfie platform have been designed to add to the game day experience. The stadium, concessions, restrooms, and concourses will be surrounded by security fencing to enclose the stadium.


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