Naches Valley Elementary School

ALSC Architects Naches aerial
ALSC Architects Naches Lobby
ALSC Architects Naches Library
ALSC Architects Naches Multipurpose2

Naches Valley School District represents the communities of Naches, Gleed and the surrounding Naches Valley. This is a close knit community that values the natural surroundings and agricultural aspects of the area. The District approaches design and construction issues with an eye toward practicality, where long term goals are valued over frequently changing trends. This was reflected in the design of the new Naches Valley Elementary in the following ways:

> Create a homey feel, yet maintain safety.
> Foster community use and involvement.
> Use of traditional, local, low maintenance materials.
> Responsible use of public funds.
> Clear circulation, simple building layout.
> Designed for future flexibility.
> Durable and energy efficient.

As part of the project, a solar array was installed on the gymnasium roof to help offset energy and operational costs.

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