Pasco School District Transportation Cooperative

PascoSDTransp 1 ALSC
PascoSDTransp 2 ALSC
PascoSDTransp 3 ALSC
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PascoSDTransp 5 ALSC
PascoSDTransp 6 ALSC
PascoSDTransp 7 ALSC

Pasco School District's new Transportation Cooperative is located within the School District’s existing maintenance campus. The facility replaces the existing bus transportation offices and includes maintenance, driver services, and fleet operations staff offices. 

The two distinct functions (maintenance and transportation) are organized for intuitive flow and are integrated into one cohesive structure through the use a single-sloping monoplane roof. Shared exterior finishes and vertically-oriented building elements acknowledge the industrial context to the east and serve as a backdrop for staff and community gatherings. Subtle screening elements and intentionally-placed fenestration identify common social areas and building entry points.

Parking is being modified to maximize parking for staff and fleet vehicles.

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