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The new 240,000 SF Ridgeline High School provides a third comprehensive high school for Central Valley School District.

The school includes 28 general classrooms, science rooms, performing arts theater and library. In addition, Career & Technical Education (CTE) specialized spaces are provided including project rooms, makerspaces and Family Consumer Science Center to house a culinary program.

The new gymnasiums are designed as multi-use spaces to serve health and fitness classes, athletics, community events, school presentations, and act as a meeting area for the entire school. Their design incorporates current use requirements (seating, acoustics, lighting, area, technology, and clear height), and are scaled to host district, regional and State team and performance group events.

"During my time working with ALSC, I have found them to be a positive force in our District and community whether that is working with me, design teams, contractors or School Board. They are creative thinkers, challenging others not to lock themselves into the same old patterns of thinking, but always seeking new ways of improving/expanding what we do in our designs and planning for our District and ensuring that we serve our students in the best way possible. They are not afraid of taking risks for what they see as important and worthwhile goals. Working with ALSC ensures that you will have a team that will work hard to develop functional, cost effective designs that are of superior aesthetic quality."

Jay Rowell, Deputy Superintendent, Central Valley School District


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