Cheney High School Modernization & Expansion

CheneyHS 14 ALSC
CheneyHS 16 ALSC
CheneyHS 15 ALSC
CheneyHS 3 ALSC
CheneyHS 4 ALSC
CheneyHS 6 ALSC
CheneyHS 5 ALSC
CheneyHS 8 ALSC
CheneyHS 9 ALSC
CheneyHS 12 ALSC
CheneyHS 13 ALSC
CheneyHS 7 ALSC
CheneyHS 2 ALSC

Cheney High School was originally constructed in 1966 with subsequent additions in 1970 and 1991; resulting in a 2-story 177,013 SF building.

This project provides additional space to accommodate an expanding student population and addresses important safety and security concerns.

A new Main Entry and Administration space align with the existing main north/south hallway, providing for secure access to the school.

A 94,000 square foot addition includes 17 new classrooms, a new Student Commons, a 500 seat Auditorium, Wrestling Room, Auxiliary Gym and combination Weights/Fitness Room.

The completed school will encompasses 232,000 SF to accommodate 1,600 students.

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