Almira K-8 School Replacement

5.2.2024 Almira School District ALSC Front Perspective Twilight Large
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5.2.2024 Almira School District ALSC Upstairs Breakout One Point Large
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Rebuilding the Heart of Almira – The New Almira School and District Office

In October 2021, the Almira Elementary and Middle School, alongside the District offices, was tragically destroyed by a fire. This devastating event left the tight-knit rural community of Almira in shock, but also galvanized an immediate and resolute response. Recognizing the school's pivotal role as the heart and soul of Almira, the School District and local residents swiftly mobilized to meet the students' educational needs through temporary solutions and to chart a path toward building a new, forward-thinking facility.

In December 2021, the ALSC Architects/Garco Construction team was entrusted to lead this transformative endeavor. The partnership was built on a shared commitment to:

> Innovative Learning Environments: Design a cutting-edge educational facility that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

>Sustainable Longevity: Construct a school that meets current standards and is equipped to serve our community's evolving needs for the next 50 years.

> Swift Delivery: Expedite the design and building process to provide state-of-the-art facilities with minimal delay, ensuring continuity in the students' education.

The project's funding is derived from a combination of insurance proceeds, State school construction funds, and potential allocations from the State legislature. The complexity of securing finalized funds during the design phase necessitated strategic planning and prioritization. Through a collaborative approach with the School Board, staff, and community stakeholders, ALSC successfully navigated these challenges, establishing a robust base project and a visionary master plan.

The master plan for the New Almira School and District Office is both ambitious and comprehensive, including:

> A new 48,000 SF K-8 School: A modern, flexible learning environment featuring the latest technology and educational resources designed to support kindergarten through 8th grade students.

> 2,000 SF District Office: A streamlined, functional space for district administration to support effective educational governance.

> Greenhouse: An innovative greenhouse to enhance experiential learning in agriculture and environmental sciences.

> CTE|Storage Pole Building: A versatile facility dedicated to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and additional storage needs.

> Outdoor Educational and Play Areas: Purpose-built outdoor spaces to promote physical activity and support environmental education, contributing to students' overall well-being and engagement.

A Commitment to Community Involvement

Community involvement has been a cornerstone of this project since its inception. The ALSC team has facilitated numerous opportunities for stakeholders to provide input and feedback, ensuring the new facilities reflect the collective vision and values of the Almira community. This inclusive approach guarantees that the final design meets the unique needs and aspirations of Almira’s residents.

The New Almira School project exemplifies the resilience, determination, and collaborative spirit of the Almira community. By combining innovative design with strategic planning and robust community engagement, they are rebuilding what was lost and creating a beacon of learning and growth for future generations.

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