Freeman High School

ALSC Architects FreemanHS ExteriorMP
ALSC Architects FreemanHS ExteriorCR
ALSC Architects FreemanHS Multipurpose
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ALSC Architects FreemanHS science
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ALSC Architects FreemanHS Lockers
ALSC Architects FreemanHS Weights

The scope of this project included fully renovating the existing Freeman High School and expanding its size from 60,000 to 80,000 square feet.

New construction included a multi-purpose room and kitchen, commons, performing arts space and a new main gym with expanded seating capacity and handicap accessible bleachers.  The former gymnasium was modernized for use as a secondary gym. 

Students were moved into modular classroom buildings during construction. This allowed the building to be vacated during construction and work to proceed quickly and efficiently.


"ALSC did a phenomenal job of capturing the unique characteristics and features of our diverse communities and incorporating that into a building that is very beautiful and functional but representative of our communities.  They really did a great job of listening to our needs as a school district and designing a building to meet those needs that was within our budget."

 Chad Goldsmith, Freeman Community Member


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